Celebrate this fall with your authentic montana experience, at the Sacajawea hotel

When you can hear the crunch of leaves under your feet and smell frost in the air, it's time for an adventure where the experience is as authentic as a Montana sunset. As winding roads lead you through charming towns, scattered between the hills, farms, rivers, and the natural wonders, your adventure finds its way to the Headwaters Area, and the Sacajawea Hotel. Elegantly refurbished in 2010, you'll enjoy distinct personal touches, fine dining, and luxury accommodations along with all the comforts of modern amenities.

Drinking in all the scenery, the history, and the crisp fall air, you find a historical treasure in the Sacajawea Hotel. Located in Downtown Three Forks in the heart of Yellowstone Country, the Hotel is a welcoming stop for history aficionados, outdoor enthusiasts and discerning travelers. While you are there, enjoy the talents of Executive Chef, Matt Israel, and the edible delights of Pompey's Grill. A warm, elegant atmosphere with copper and leather accents provide the perfect embellishments for an authentic Montana dining experience.

Whether you're looking for an overnight trip, celebrating with that special someone, or looking for a touch of elegance with authentic Montana roots, the Sacajawea Hotel is the place. Join us this fall, celebrate your unforgettable getaway, and enjoy all there is to see, taste, do, and discover on your authentic Montana adventure.